Ilona Znakharchuk

CEO and Head Pastry Chef

It all began with a college girl, studying math and music, with a passion for baking and fashion.  The vision was simple, pastries with a phenomenal taste and a classy aesthetic. At Conditer, our production line is the runway and our desserts are the supermodels. Why settle for taste alone, when you can have the best of both worlds? Welcome to our patisserie, where style meets the culinary arts. 

Dear friends, 

My name is Ilona and I was born in the beautiful city of Lutsk, Ukraine. My earliest memories were made in the kitchen alongside my mother, where I was quickly nicknamed "conditer", the Ukrainian word for pastry chef. The rest of my time was spent in my closet, experimenting with color combinations, mixing different textures, and coming up with new trends. It is through fashion that I developed a love and appreciation for aesthetics. It is a love that I try my best to carry into the kitchen, because dessert should not only taste good, but also look good! 

Yours truly,


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